Star Blue
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Star Blue

Star Blue

Star blue is an opaque to translucent, blue variety of quartz, owing its color to inclusions, commonly of fibrous magnesioriebeckite or crocidolite, or of tourmaline. It is one of the least expensive stones available in the world due to the abundance of its presence.  The quartz has a textured finish that gives it a low sheen surface, complement to modern, on-trend designs.

3 cm
2 cm


  • Mixed containers loads supported with MOQ as low as 10 slabs per design
  • Fixed DDP pricing delivering to your doorstep
  • 2 years manufacturing guarantee excluding any damages due to handling and storage issues.
  • Fastest delivery time in 4-5 weeks from the date of order
  • Credit supported to ensure speedy cash flows and growth of the customer
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