Vinyl Flooring  (GF-ZN-8046-6)
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Vinyl Flooring (GF-ZN-8046-6)

Sku GF-ZN-8046-6

Thickness - 4.5 mm to 08 mm

Wear Layer – 8 mil to 22 mil

Size – 07” x 48” | 178 mm x 1220 mm,

           07' x 60" | 178 mm x 1524 mm,

           09" x 48" | 228 mm x 1220 mm,

           09" x 48" | 228 mm x 1524 mm

Click Locking Type - Valinge 2G / I4F

Surface Texture – Regular, Embossed

Application – Flooring

Option for Customization - Yes

GlobalFair's Vinyl Flooring stands out as a superior choice in the flooring market, offering a perfect blend of style, durability, and sustainability. Crafted with precision and innovation, the vinyl flooring collection from GlobalFair showcases a diverse range of designs, colors, and textures to suit various interior aesthetics. Whether replicating the rich warmth of hardwood or the sleek sophistication of stone, these vinyl floors deliver an authentic look while being exceptionally resilient against wear, moisture, and scratches. GlobalFair places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility, ensuring that their vinyl flooring is manufactured using eco-friendly materials and processes. This commitment to sustainability, coupled with the product's ease of installation and maintenance, makes GlobalFair's Vinyl Flooring a compelling choice for those seeking high-quality, stylish flooring solutions that align with both aesthetic and environmental considerations.