Are Quartz Countertops Really Sustainable?

Climate change has put our planet into a brink of breaking down. Everyone is looking out for ways to adopt sustainable living and how they can improve the condition of the earth. And as the people are getting more conscious of their surroundings, the demand for more sustainability products are increasing. In order to satisfy their desire, professionals are innovating and looking around to bring change. 

In the infrastructure sector, designers are looking for imperishable materials to use in the houses and restoration projects. It also suggests that they are looking for more non-toxic paints, placing solar panels and even eco-friendly countertops. 

Yes, your countertops can also become a definition of sustainability. And  Quartz is the best component to use on the countertop if you are looking for eco-friendly options. You might be surprised but, this gorgeous material is developed by mixing different recycled compounds.

Let’s learn more about this attractive material and its properties of being sustainable:

What is Quartz? And how are sustainable countertops made? 

Did you know Quartz is not a stone but it is a form of crystals found in a wide variety of rocks, in different shapes and sizes? What is more interesting about these gorgeous crystals is that they are also found in sandy beaches. 

Though the mineral is commonly very transparent the colour contrast occurs when they are imperfections. Some of the attractive colour quartz that are: 

  • Amethyst
  • Smoky quartz
  • Rose quartz
  • Citrine

Even though Quartz is a hard mineral it is composed much better when mixed with alternative minerals or some other substance. Usually, when quartz countertops are made, a lot of material is binned with pure Quartz. These materials are upcycled industrial waste such as ceramic, silica, glass, mirrors or waste recycled for other stone quarries making Quartz an eco-friendly countertop. 

The advantages of sustainable Quartz countertop

Now since you know what makes them worth being installed in different spaces or in restoration projects. Let’s see what advantage does it bring

  • Abundant natural resources:

The first advantage of this natural stone that the materials added to make this type of countertops are abundant. Quartz is also found in minerals like Granite and Marble and that is why when these natural stones are processed, the left out waste material is used in Quartz reducing the waste. Also, the resins that constitute the left 10 per cent of a countertop have a proportion of major natural elements like non-vegetable oils. 

  • Quartz has a greater longevity 

Installing countertop is not an easy task and when you buy a countertop, you need an assurance that it has a long lifespan. Since Quartz needs less maintenance, unlike marble or granite, it acts as a sustainable alternative.  

  • Your countertops can be upcycled

Though quartz countertops have a long life span, they do not go to landfills even after they complete their purpose in the installed space because of the by-products used in it. 

These by-products which come from the industries like mining and glass industries can again get recycled when contacted to a genuine local expert. According to research, many-coloured Quartz comprises approximately 75% of industrial and consumer waste making it cost-effective and easily available. 

  • You don’t need toxic cleaners 

One of the remarkable benefits of quartz countertops is that they do not need much maintenance. Unlike natural stones, quartz does not have to be re-sealed. You can always clean your quartz with mild soap and water. This will not only reduce the usage of harmful chemicals but will also reduce your cleaning time. 

  • Quartz are pathogens resistant 

Quartz countertops are nonporous, which makes the surface non-toxic and pathogen-resistant. Since the surface won’t retain any germs or other microorganisms, you don’t need to bother about fungus, decaying of the countertop or other anything that might affect your stone. The above qualities will not only protect your family but will save your money as you would not have to change your countertops again & again. 

  • Production time

If you are someone who worries about the environment and wants your home fitted with everything that speaks sustainability? Let us tell you when quartz is processed it doesn’t need special handling and that is why only some bits are destroyed or missed throughout the process. Adding on there is less time and power invested in the quarry which makes it more eco-friendly. 

Which Quartz Is the best for my countertops?

It always depends on personal taste as to what pattern or colour you will choose for your place. Well if you are searching for a sustainable countertop for your customers or your personalized needs, ask our advisors. We have dozens of exclusive varieties which can be delivered to your doorstep. To find out more about our Quartz countertops options, visit our page and contact one of our experts. 

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