World class quality at your doorstep

World class quality at your doorstep

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Customer Experience

GlobalFair enhances the customer experience by being a single point of contact and ensuring hassle-free delivery.

Global Best Standards

GlobalFair follows the highest standards for products and services and has zero deviation in Quality.

Our robust processes ensure international standards in product quality and on-time delivery.

GlobalFair’s emphasis on quality standards results in significant cost and time savings for its customers.
Global Best Standards - Quality Control
Procurement Dashboard

Bringing Trust Through Transparency

Clear Communication from quote discussion to delivery.

Single platform for every update on order status, documents, and shipment.

Continuous Learning

Interaction with customers & vendors enable two-way feedback for initiating continual improvement actions.

Always updated with the latest industry information.

Consistently deliver inspiring solutions with expert knowledge.
Continuous Learning

Robust Processes

GlobalFair has created handover points for different stages for a seamless workflow.

The system facilitates the handover only after the QC approval.

Thus, the end product and service meet the client’s needs and the best quality standards.

From The Manufacturer

Sales Icon

- Interaction & requirement understanding

- Estimation & Quote communication

- Order Confirmation

Planning Icon
-  Pre-production data preparation

-  Approval of the data from the Client

-  Nesting & Packaging plan preparation

Production Icon

- In-line & Mid-line QC throughout the production

- Follow up as per the production schedule

- End-of-line QC & generating post-production documents.

Logistics Icon

- Container loading & dispatch

- Customs clearance & shipment processing

- Arrival at the port of discharge & pick up for delivery