Everything You Wanted to Know About Quartz Countertops

One element of the home that will appeal to homeowners of any age is a premium countertop. For many people, the kitchen is an area of the home where guests and family can socialize. A premium countertop will demand attention. It becomes a source of pride when homeowners entertain guests in the kitchen. 

This has led to many new homes getting built with a premium countertop, such as granite or quartz. Have you recently purchased a quartz countertop? And are now concerned about its maintenance? Don’t be. Here are the reasons: 

Quartz Countertops–Built to Last 


Quartz countertops rate highly amongst most homeowners for both attractiveness and durability. Quartz is an engineered stone. That combines both the beauty and robustness of a natural stone like granite or marble. It comes with the benefits that modern technology can bring. 

It gets formed by using a process that mixes ground natural quartz and polymer resins. So producing a hard, granite-like surface. The appearance of a quartz countertop varies from a flecked finish to a smooth look. It depends on how fine the quartz gets ground. 

Quartz countertops have no match with warding off the most common stains like: 

  • Red wine 
  • Juice 
  • Coffee 
  • Oils and vinegar

Quartz is also resilient to corrosion from household cleaning products. Yet, search for the best cleaner for quartz countertops available.

Low maintenance

Quartz countertop is non-porous and, hence, easy to clean and will not harbor bacteria. Quartz countertops have the same durability as concrete and granite. But are more forgiving and less susceptible to chipping and cracking. As compared to any other natural stone. Once installed, a quartz countertop requires a little care. And does not have to get sealed or polished.

Good Looking

Quartz is a very solid material, second to diamond in strength. It is the latest innovation in countertop construction. That offers the durability of natural stone. But still needs low maintenance. Because of the versatility of quartz. It is gaining popularity as an alternative to natural stone countertops.

Comes in Variation

Quartz countertops come with an endless selection of colors that can get made to match any decor. The uniformity of color is one of the primary appeals of quartz countertops. It comes with no discoloration or variations in color between sections.

Granite or soapstone often have large variations in its color pattern. But with quartz countertops, guaranteed you to have a consistent color pattern throughout. Quartz countertops are human-made. There are color options, patterns, and designs available. Those aren't available in natural stone.

For a contemporary, upscale look that requires a little care. Quartz countertops are definitely worth considering. Because quartz is non-porous. You do not have to worry about any bacteria or germs taking up the house on the countertop. You will be confident that you are getting your quartz countertop completely clean. Which is a significant benefit in both the kitchen and bathroom. Quartz countertops don't have any radioactivity and pose no potential health threats.

What are the Benefits of Buying Quartz?

Whether you love or hate natural stone countertops like granite. It's safe to say that it has dominated the residential market for the past decade. And doesn't appear to be phasing out yet. For those looking for something different, and in a similar price range. A quartz countertop is a great option.

Quartz countertops are scratch resistant from normal wear and tear. Quartz countertops have endless price options. That often lends itself to a more modern look over natural stone.

Keep reading ahead to know about the best techniques to clean quartz countertops. Also, to find out the best cleaner for quartz countertops available.

How to take care of Quartz countertops?


 It is quite easy with cleaning and take care of quartz countertops.

The reasons that quartz countertops are so easy to keep clean-: 

  1. Quartz countertops don't need to get sealed like marble or granite countertops. Engineered quartz isn’t porous. So it also doesn’t trap bacteria and is stain and corrosion-resistant. 
  1. Some manufacturers even add antibacterial agents into their quartz countertops. Still, homemakers shouldn’t put screaming hot pans or pots on quartz countertops. Because too much heat can damage them. 
  1. On top of this, quartz countertops don’t emit dangerous radon gas. Sometimes, granite countertops can give out tiny amounts of this carcinogenic gas.

Most of the time, all it takes to clean countertops is to find the best cleaner for quartz countertops.

But how to get through this dilemma of finding the best cleaner for quartz countertops?

Don’t worry! Below are some points that will help you find the best cleaner for quartz countertops. And helps you make your Kitchen look exceptional.

What to do-: 

  1. Cleaning on a regular basis 

Liquids, including wine, vinegar, tea, and lemon juice, will not forever stain quartz. Spills should get cleaned up immediately before they dry. You can use a pH Neutral best cleaner for quartz countertops. That can remove grease, soil, surface stains, and watermarks. 

  1. Get rid of grease 

The dinner was delicious, but the counter got a punch! Well, not an issue anymore. You can use the best cleaner for quartz countertops that will remove the grease. Without damaging the surface of the countertop. The grease from the surface gets loosened and removed with kitchen degreasers. 

  1. Permanent marker removal 

Protect your counters from the creativity of your children. All you need to do is dampen a cloth with a comfortable product and rub it into the stain. It is easy to remove permanent markers from your countertops' surfaces. Even without affecting the finish or leaving a cloudy residue. Even regular vegetable oil will do the trick. 

  1. Don’t place hot pots 

Quartz countertops are heat resistant, not heatproof. So use a trivet or a protected hot mat to place hot pots, pans, or bakeware on the quartz countertops. 

  1. Use Natural cleaners 

Quartz countertops shouldn’t get cleaned with bleach. Because that can damage the color. You can get a biodegradable best cleaner for quartz countertops. You can search online for the best cleaner for quartz countertops available. You can also visit any nearby general store of your house. 

  1. Use a cutting board 

Quartz has a tough surface, but it's easy enough to survive the impact of sharp things like knives. So chop all you want, but make sure you do it on a cutting board to avoid damaging your quartz countertops. 

  1. Strong cabinets 

Quartz countertops are heavy. So make sure your cabinets can handle the quartz countertop weight.

Quartz countertops can have the same edgings as countertops made of other materials. They can have decorated strips at the border, caps, crowns, or bullnoses. They are also excellent for backsplashes. The manufacturer should install quartz countertops.

It can void the warranty. When the homeowner attempts to install the quartz countertop him or herself. Also, the quartz countertops are heavy. And the installer will need to know if the cabinets that will hold them are strong enough. The sub surfaces will also need to be very strong. Even though measuring and installing quartz countertops can be a bit of a long process. It is worth it in the end.

Proper maintenance of your quartz countertops will provide you with years of enjoyment!

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