Here’s What You Need To Know About Taking Care Of Your Granite Countertops.

Taking Care Of Your Granite Countertops

Is there any natural stone that is easy to maintain and looks as beautiful as new even after years of use? Well, the answer is YES!It is Granite - an intrusive igneous rock which is present in mother earth.

Granite comes in varied colors due to its composition. It is easy to clean compared to any other natural stone. Thus, Granite makes one of the most popular choices.

Cleaning Granite is the first step in keeping the countertops looking as good as new. It is good to know how to clean and care for the granite and natural stone countertops so that they can keep shining always. 

Granite countertops are becoming the norm in many household kitchens. A major chunk of the time gets spent in Meal prep and cooking. Hence, kitchen countertops ought to get clean to maintain basic hygiene. Some of the most common problems in the kitchen include: 

  • Hard water spots
  • Stains
  • Mineral deposits
  • Soap scum build-up 

Granite is gaining popularity not only because of its attractive charm but also for its durability, and, it requires little maintenance as compared to other natural stones. 

Reasons people search for the best cleaners for granite countertops.

There are many reasons why people look for the best cleaners for granite countertops. 

  1. Some people are considering buying a new kitchen countertop, and granite is their top choice.
  2. Others may get introduced to granite counters. They are currently reviewing cleaners and cleaning products for natural stones. 
  3. Most of them are likely to have a natural stone surface already. Yet, they are unable to find a good cleaner.

One thing is certain. When it comes to granite, the options for care and maintenance are endless.

It is necessary to clean and maintain your countertops. But there are tons of cleaning products available - and some of them are not compatible with granite.

The purpose of this blog is to answer all your queries about the best cleaners for granite countertops. It is recommended to use an organic natural stone and granite cleaner. It will protect your granite countertops as well as the sink.

Learn how to take care of your countertops. By using the best cleaners for granite countertops.

1. Cleaning Granite: Common Cleaners Can Harm Granite

There is one frequently asked question when it comes to taking care of granite. Is it safe to use the chemicals we use in our kitchen and bathroom as cleaners? Can they harm granite in the long term? 

Well, Yes. The abrasive chemicals used to clean kitchens and bathrooms are detrimental. They can ruin the longevity and look of granite countertops. 

The other household cleaners are not ready to clean natural stone. They are for heavy-duty cleaning. Most kitchen and bathroom cleaners have ingredients that fall into one of two categories: acidic or abrasive. 

Any cleaner that has vinegar, lemon, or orange is acidic. It will dull and etch the surface of granite, quartz, limestone, or marble countertops. These acids also eat away at grout. 

So it is a definite NO for granite countertops or natural stone backsplashes and stone flooring. 

2. Porosity Affects Cleaning Methods

When cleaning a granite countertop, it is crucial to recognize that these stones are porous to some extent. The porosity between them will differ. That depends on the amount of sealer treatment the stone has had. 

A black granite countertop is much less porous than a white granite countertop. The porosity of a natural stone surface affects cleaning methods, care and daily maintenance. Be sure that your granite cleaner is safe to use in food prep areas. Always consider a non-toxic and organic cleaner for granite countertops.

When you clean kitchen counters and other food prep areas. Even on sealed countertops, spills left to sit on the surface, the stone can absorb them to some extent.

Proper cleaning with a pH-neutral cleaner will ensure that the surface is not going to get damaged by harsh or abrasive chemicals.

The cleaner should be pH neutral, organic, and safe for use around food preparation areas. It should also be well for everyday use. The best cleaner for granite countertops is safe, effective, and smells great. They give a streak-free shine every time, even on black granite.

Most people are unaware of how pH affects their cleaning products. Generally, pH measures the range of how acidic or basic something is. The scale goes from zero to fourteen, with seven being neutral. Water, for example, is a seven.

If a product has a pH lower than seven, it is acidic. Acidic substances are sour and include lemon juice, coffee, and soda. Most bathroom and kitchen cleaners have a pH of zero to six. Acids will etch and dull natural stones, so you should always use a cleaner that is pH balanced. 

The other end of the scale is between eight to fourteen. Which are household cleaners with hazardous and abrasive chemicals. This group includes oven cleaners, bleach, and ammonia. The other thing to note about these products is that they are alkaline. They are harsh and can break down the sealer of your stone countertops.

This type of cleaner is overkill. It will damage your polished granite countertops and natural stone surfaces. Bringing this type of hazardous chemical into your home is unsafe and unnecessary. Always try using an eco-friendly cleaner for your polished quartz and stone surfaces.

The best natural stone cleaners are pH neutral and designed for granite surfaces. Their components are strong enough to cleanse the stone countertop but not overly harsh.

Most natural stone owners are unaware of how pH levels affect natural stones. It is crucial to use a cleaner that is pH balanced, that is not overly acidic, and does not contain harsh or abrasive chemicals.

3. Harsh and abrasive chemicals:

It is good to avoid purchasing harsh and abrasive cleaning products.

Harsh and abrasive cleaning products do not necessarily clean your granite countertops. You can achieve the same results with a mild 100% organic cleaner that will also condition your stone. 

Abrasive cleaning methods will etch and dull your polished surfaces. Once these get damaged, they cannot get retreated.

The best cleaners for granite countertops are not abrasive. They do not have hazardous chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. 

4. Conditioning a Stone Surface

Cleaning granite countertops is a good practice. By doing so, you are not only cleaning the granite countertops. You are also conditioning the stone by filling up the porous surface. 

Conditioning the stone improves the look and feel of the stone. Also, help to prevent staining because the pores get filled with organic elements. That makes staining agents such as spilled coffee or red wine have a long way to infiltrate the surface and settle in.

It is also crucial to have a natural stone cleaner. That not only cleanses the stone but also conditions the stone. Conditioning the granite surface is beneficial to the longevity and look over the long term.

Yet, your granite and natural stone countertops could get cleaned with a bar of mild dish soap. Just like glass. When was the last time you washed glass and did not rinse it? Most dish soaps are pH balanced, and most are not acidic and will not harm your granite. 

But keep in mind that most pH-neutral cleaners also do nothing to enhance or condition granite countertops.

Many cleaning products will allow your natural stone to shine, but they do not adequately clean and condition the stone. Use only a specialized product for cleaning your granite countertops.

Black granite is one of the hardest granites to clean. Using the best granite cleaner makes things easy.

You can try cleaners that are 100% naturally derived, bio-degradable, non-toxic, safe for use in food-prep areas, and children.

5. Some Cleaners Can Etch Natural Stones

Natural stone comes from the earth. So it only makes sense to use a daily cleanser that will not alter the original makeup. That will not cause it to get etched and dull.

The harsh chemicals will cause the natural patterns and variations in the stone to change and dull.

Acidic cleaners will also etch the surface of marble or granite counters. They leave white stains resembling water rings or marks. These stains will damage the stone and are irreversible without the help of a professional.

Cleaning granite countertops with dish soap and other cleaners under your cabinet are very likely to leave a residue. That will blur the surface of your beautiful stone. Most people do not have the time or dedication it takes to rinse suds away after each wipe-down. Something that you spray and wipe away makes more sense.

The best cleaners for granite countertops are not glass cleaners. Uninformed consumers use glass cleaners to clean granite countertops. If they use the glass cleaners daily, they will lose the natural shine of their beautiful granite countertops. 

Prevention Is The Key

Clean the stain from granite countertops by using a pH-neutral cleaner. 

A stone cleaner is part of your routine maintenance, and it will continue to look as good as new.

Do not fall victim to cleaning products that try to make a buck with marketing. Go with the facts and use granite and natural stone cleaners that fit the characteristics you are looking for. 

You will keep your countertops looking fantastic for years to come by knowing the best cleaners for granite countertops.

Below are some things you need to consider-

Use Coasters Under All Glasses, Bottles, And Cans.

Granite won't etch. Using coasters on sealed granite is not an absolute need like with marble. But using coasters is good practice to protect all bathrooms and kitchens.

You can use Trivets and Hot Pads under Pots and Pans.

Yes, you can take a hot pot out of the oven and place it on the granite stumps without problems. Granite (any stone or quartz) may have suffered a "thermal shock" and cracked, but rarely.

Use Cutting Board

Avoid chances of scratching the hard surface by your knives. Cutting on a stone will dull and damage the stone, and make scratches on your countertops. Do not use your granite counter as a cutting board.

All we want is a beautiful kitchen with some beautiful granites

So do not stop yourself from getting the best for your kitchen. 

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