New Trend in the Single-Family Housing Industry

A single-family home meaning to a standalone dwelling that is not connected to any other buildings. It is also known as a single-family detached home and is typically owned by an individual or a family. These types of homes typically come with a yard, driveway, and garage. This description represents the more commonly used and understood definition of a single-family residence.

Single Family Home Production

As the housing industry experiences a setback, single-family production declines after four months of steady growth. Home building activity has declined due to rising construction costs and mortgage rates, making affordability even more challenging for aspiring homeowners.

US Department of Housing and Urban Development and US Census Bureau data show that housing starts decreased by 8% in June, reaching 1.43 million units on a seasonally adjusted basis. The seasonally adjusted annual rate for single-family starts dropped by 7%, to 935,000. It represents a 7.4% drop from the previous year. Multifamily housing, which includes apartments and condos, also dropped 9.9% to 499,000 units on an annualized basis.

In June, there was a decrease in housing starts due to the impact of stricter monetary policies, resulting in a rise of mortgage rates by more than a quarter-point within the same period," stated Alicia Huey, who is the chairman of the NAHB, as well as a custom home builder and developer based in Birmingham, Alabama. Policymakers must address and eliminate the obstacles in regulations that hinder the housing industry's capacity to enhance the creation of affordable housing options that meet high standards of quality.

Single Family Home

An NAHB assistant vice president for forecasting and analysis, Danushka Nanayakkara-Skillington, said, “We expect mortgage rates to stabilize later this year as the Federal Reserve's tightening cycle ends.” However, as interest rates approach 7%, builders have slowed construction companies activity. As affordability conditions improve, home buyers could return to the market. Permits for single-family homes also reached their highest level since June 2022, another sign of cautious builder optimism."

It is further revealed by the data that the number of single-family units currently under construction has decreased by 17% in comparison to the previous year, totaling 688,000, which is a significant decrease in comparison to the previous year. Furthermore, the number of apartments under construction has reached an impressive 994,000, which is the highest level since May 1973, indicating that there are more than a million apartments under construction work.

Single Family Home Production 1

A year ago there were 710,000 single-family units under construction, but the number is now down 17% to 688,000, down 17% from a year ago. In the meantime, the number of apartments under construction companies increased to 994,000, the highest number since May 1973, making it the highest number since 1975. It is estimated that single-family and multifamily starts are down 13.9% on a regional and year-to-date basis in the Northeast, 19.4% on a Midwest basis, 11.5% on a Southside basis, and 21% on a West side basis.

In June, the overall number of permits decreased by 3.7% to a 1.44 million unit annualized rate. There has been an increase of 2.2% in single-family permits to 922,000 unit rate; however, year-to-date, they are down 21.5%. At an annualized speed of 518,000 permits, multifamily permits have decreased by 12.8%, reaching their lowest level since October 2020.


In conclusion, while we have observed a decline in single-family home production, it's important to view this situation through a positive lens. In essence, the current decline in single-family home production challenges us to rethink our approaches and embrace positive changes in the housing industry. By focusing on quality, sustainability, community, innovation, and accessibility, we have the potential to create a housing landscape that better serves both current and future generations.

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