Top Kitchen Countertop Granite Designs and How to Choose the Best Granite

The Trendiest Kitchen Countertop Granite Designs to Explore

Granite slabs are perfect for creating stunning, low-maintenance, and durable countertops. With its captivating natural colors and rugged surface, granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. 

GlobalFair offers a wide selection of handpicked and distinctive granite countertop collections to enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen countertop project. With a plethora of options to choose from, you'll find the trendiest granite designs for creating esthetically pleasing spaces.

Different Patterns for Kitchen Granite Countertops :

Kitchen granite countertops primarily come in three patterns. They include:

  • Marbled 
  • Solid 
  • Speckled 

Marbled : Granite marble has a textured look with different colored streaks, giving it a luxurious feel that resembles real marble. The darker tones in granite marble create a bold and dramatic effect.

Solid : Solid granites have a consistent appearance and are great for small kitchen countertops. They lack pattern variation, which can sometimes make a room feel smaller.

Speckled : Speckled granite countertops have immense variations in texture and color. Apart from being installed as kitchen countertops, these are also great accent pieces to stainless steel appliances and simple cabinetry. It makes them imbue any space with a stunning effect.

Granite Countertop Ideas for Kitchen

There are plenty of different colors of granite countertops that you can try out. Here are some popular countertop ideas and designs

1) Titanium black granite: 

Titanium Black granite is a beautiful natural stone with white and fawn veins. It is not only visually appealing but also very durable. It is perfect for kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity tops. Using a Titanium Black granite countertop slab will add elegance and sophistication to your project. These slabs are built to withstand heavy use, making them a great choice for high-traffic areas like the kitchen. 

2) Crystello White Granite:

This granite countertops kitchen is ideal for commercial construction projects due to its neutral color and subtle texture, making the countertops visually appealing. The specks and variations in the slabs give it a unique appearance. Crystello White granite is versatile as it complements any kitchen color, making it great for creating contrasting looks. The white marble countertop is admired for its perfection and ability to make spaces look more spacious. Additionally, it is a durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear.

3) Copenhagen Granite


Copenhagen granite is definitely a great choice for your new kitchen granite countertop and fireplace surrounds. It's a really unique natural stone with a soft white background and beautiful gray and gold veins. Not only does this granite look amazing, but it's also incredibly durable, making it perfect for both commercial and residential properties.

4) Glacier White Granite


White granite countertops kitchen are highly compatible and look great with any color of cabinets. They have become a popular design trend in recent years, especially when paired with neutral finishes. Glacier White granite, with its long streaks of gray, can easily become the focal point of any kitchen. It pairs nicely with cherry-colored cabinets. Consider using Glacier White for both the main countertop and the kitchen island to create a perfect setting.

5) Lava Oro Granite


This granite is ideal for those who prefer a dark and bold appearance. Lava Oro granite has deep textures that create a surreal and unique look. In summary, this granite can effortlessly make a statement in any kitchen. It primarily features two colors: yellowish-mustard and whitish-gray. These colors blend together to create a warm, inviting, and luxurious esthetic. When polished, the colors shimmer, enhancing the appearance of both the granite slabs and the kitchen interior where it is installed as a countertop.

6) Ruby Red granite


In addition to black, gray, and beige granite options, granite slabs also come in bold shades like blue and red. Ruby Red granite is an excellent choice for a kitchen countertop in a traditional kitchen. The red hue is appealing and the countertop is heat and scratch-resistant, durable, and has a natural polish. Pair it with brown cabinetry and dark steel appliances to impress your customers.

7) Solaris Gold


This granite slab is versatile and can be used for more than just countertops. It is commonly used for interior walls, floors, fountains, stairs, and window sills. The Solaris Gold granite features a yellow and gold background with prominent brown and gray veins. It is highly durable and suitable for various commercial applications. Additionally, it is ideal for freezing temperatures. As a kitchen worktop, it is highly resistant to scratches and can withstand high temperatures. Once sealed, the granite countertop becomes completely resistant to stains.

8) Black Galaxy granite


Black Galaxy kitchen granite countertop are highly sought after for kitchen designs. This exquisite stone features a distinctive pattern that can elevate any kitchen to a heavenly atmosphere. The white specks resembling a milky way make Black Galaxy granite slabs truly captivating. When combined with contemporary silver and gold décor and accessories, these granite worktops become even more appealing.

How to Choose the Best Countertop Granite

Granite countertop is highly priced for its distinct grain and compatibility with vanity cabinets, flooring, and kitchen countertop. However, while looking at huge granite slabs, it's hard to figure out a reliable granite company. 

To find granite companies with the highest quality slabs, use these tips:

  1. Stone slabs of 11/2 are of inferior quality, so be cautious. Consider a company that offers slabs with 20-30mm thicknesses.
  2. Assess the surface. For a modern kitchen countertop, avoid granite tiles. Choose slabs that are consistent, durable, and strong. Check for cracks and pits as well as a uniform color.
  3. Construct your countertop edges carefully. A complete finish is important for the countertop. Mount the sink below the countertop when installing. Avoid granite worktops with unsightly seams. Opt for a well-shaped and properly finished countertop.

    Final Thoughts

    As you can observe, there are many countertop granite design. As the stone is quite versatile, the countertops look well in any kind of kitchen. The only task is to choose the correct one. 

    At GlobalFair, we offer a diverse range of premium granite slabs designed for commercial kitchen projects. Our pricing is transparent and our turnaround time is quick. For affordable, high-quality slabs, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable experts. Contact us by phone or submit an inquiry on our website.

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