Top Kitchen Countertop Granite Designs and How to Choose the Best Granite

The Trendiest Kitchen Countertop Granite Designs to Explore


Granite slabs make way for genuinely beautiful, easy-to-maintain, and long-lasting countertops. The mesmerizing natural color palette and the rugged granite surface make it one of the best materials for kitchen countertops. 

The wide assortment of patterns, veins, and colors in granite is one of the top reasons why the material is in high demand for projects like kitchen remodeling and renovation. 

At GlobalFair, you can find handpicked and unique granite collection that will not fail to give a mesmerizing look to your kitchen countertop project. 

When it comes to choosing a granite countertop slab, consider yourself spoilt for choice. Here are the trendiest granite designs for aesthetic spaces. 

Kitchen Granite Countertop Patterns

Kitchen granite countertops primarily come in three patterns. They include:

  • Marbled 
  • Solid 
  • Speckled 

Granite marble has streaks of texture and color running throughout it. It has a high-end feel of real marble. The darker shades in it impart a dramatic effect. 

Solid-looking granites more or less have a similar appearance throughout. They are ideal as countertops for small kitchens. Its because they are devoid of any variation in pattern. Usually, a good amount of pattern variation in granite can make a room feel small. 

Speckled granite countertops have immense variations in texture and color. Apart from being installed as kitchen countertops, these are also great accent pieces to stainless steel appliances and simple cabinetry. It makes them imbue any space with a stunning effect. 

Granite Countertop Ideas for Kitchen

There are many types of color granite countertops you can experiment with. Here are some top countertop ideas and designs.

  1. Titanium black granite to create eye-catching countertops

Titanium Black granite is an exquisite natural stone that has slender white  and  fawn veins on it. It's not only beautiful but also quite robust. The stone is ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops. 

Titanium Black granite countertop slab will make your countertop project look high-end from every angle. The slabs are durable and so are ideal for high-traffic zones like the kitchen. It looks great when combined with maple-colored drawers and cabinets.

Take our word. Using this granite in your project will prove to be one of your best decisions so far.

      2. Crystello White granite for a subtle yet appealing look

This is the type of granite that will suit the needs of most commercial construction projects. The neutral color and the slight texture make the countertops look subtly alluring. 

The specks and variations in these granite slabs lend it a unique appearance. A wonderful quality of Crystello White granite is that it matches any other color in the kitchen. So, it is perfect for creating a contrasting look.  

The white granite marble countertop boasts a kind of perfection that people everywhere admire. The neutral white shade makes any space where it's installed look more spacious. It’s definitely a durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear. 

     3. Copenhagen granite for extraordinary kitchens


Copenhagen granite is hands-down an excellent option for new kitchen countertops, and fireplace surrounds. It is quite a unique natural stone featuring a tender white background and wide grey and gold veins. This kitchen granite is highly durable and is suitable for commercial and residential properties. 

At GlobalFair, you can find stunning Copenhagen countertop granite slabs in thicknesses ranging from 20 mm to 30 mm. The white, beige, and black specks in the stone make up for mesmerizing countertops.

   4. Glacier White granite countertop that embodies refinement


White granite kitchen countertops give you the highest compatibility and look superb on any shade of cupboard. In fact, white granite countertops with neutral finishes have been one of the top design trends of recent years. 

Glacier White granite features long streaks of grey, which easily makes countertops made of them the focal point of any kitchen. Cabinets of cherry shade pair nicely with this slab. You can think of featuring Glacier White on the main countertop as well on the kitchen island and make the setting picture perfect.

     5. Lava Oro granite for that Bold look 


This kind of granite is perfect for those leaning more towards a dark and bold look. The Lava Oro granite, with its deep textures, looks surreal and almost other-worldly. 

Put simply; this granite can easily give a statement look to any kitchen. It has primarily two colors, a yellowish-mustard, and whitish-gray. Both of them combine to lend a warm, inviting, and luxurious look to the granite slab. 

The colors shimmer when the slab is polished. It elevates the look of both the slab as well as the interiors where it's installed as the kitchen countertop. 

     6. Ruby Red granite for a rustic look and feel


You will be surprised to know that apart from black, grey, and beige-colored granite options, granite slabs also come in bold shades like blue and red. One of the best choices for a countertop in a highly traditional kitchen is Ruby Red granite. 

The appealing red hue is a good choice for countertops. What’s more, the Ruby Red granite top is heat and scratch-resistant, durable, and comes with a natural polish. Combine it with brown cabinetry and dark steel appliances, and you will surely impress your customers.

    7. Solaris Gold countertop granite for iridescent interiors 


This granite slab has many applications apart from countertops. Its widely used in various interior walls and floor applications, fountains, stairs, and window sills. 

The Solaris Gold granite has a characteristic yellow and gold background with bold brown and gray veins. It’s a highly durable slab and is perfect for a host of commercial applications. This granite is also ideal for freezing temperatures. 

As a kitchen worktop, it's incredibly hard to scratch and resistant to greater temperatures. Once the granite is sealed, it becomes fully stain-resistance. 

    8. Black Galaxy granite for a luxurious appeal


Among the popular granite counter kitchen designs, a luxurious Black Galaxy granite countertop is hard to ignore. In simple words, this stone makes any kitchen look like heaven due to its characteristic pattern. As the name suggests, Black Galaxy granite slabs have white specks that make them resemble an expansive milky way.

The granite worktops look incredibly attractive when combined with contemporary silver and gold décor and accessories. 

How to Choose the Best Countertop Granite

Granite is highly priced for its distinct grain and compatibility with vanity cabinets, flooring, and kitchen countertops. However, while looking at huge granite slabs, it's hard to figure out a reliable granite company. 

To find granite companies with the highest quality slabs, use these tips.

  • Beware of companies offering 11/2 slabs of the stone. These are substandard slabs. Instead, look for a company with a collection of slabs in thicknesses varying from 20 mm to 30 mm. 
  • Assess the surface. Do not incline toward granite tiles if you desire to create smooth-looking kitchen countertops. Look for slabs with a uniform, hard, and robust surface. It should also have a consistent shade without any cracks or pitting.
  • Pay attention to the edges of the worktop. Your kitchen countertop should be fully finished and have rounded undersides. After installation, the sink must be below mounted at a level cohesive with the new countertop. Never consider a granite worktop with ugly seams in the middle of it. It should be well-shaped and finished.

Final Thoughts

As you can observe, there are many countertop granite designs. As the stone is quite versatile, the countertops look well in any kind of kitchen. The only task is to choose the correct one. 

At GlobalFair, you can find a premium inventory of granite slabs that suit the needs of every commercial kitchen project. We offer transparent pricing and quick turnaround. Book a consultation with our experts if you are looking for affordable yet high-quality slabs. Call us or send us an inquiry by visiting our website.

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