The Most Beautiful Kitchen Counter Quartz Colors for Every Space

You simply cannot go wrong with quartz countertops. The stone comes in an infinite range of patterns and colors. As a result, it offers designers and architects tremendous design versatility. This manufactured stone also scores high on functionality. It doesn't crack or chip easily and gives an even finish. Indeed, quartz has a certain depth that you cannot find in many other natural stones. 

Durable and stain-resistant, quartz is the perfect choice of countertops for kitchens brimming with activity. When you choose the right kitchen counter quartz shade and match it correctly with the patterns on the cabinetry, nothing can stop you from creating stunning interiors for your client. 

At GlobalFair, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect quartz countertop color for your project. You won't face any problems discovering an option that seamlessly fits your design aesthetic. 

What are the Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colors for the Kitchen?

Kitchen counter quartz is present in a wide spectrum of shades. To get their glimpse, keep reading about the most popular countertop colors.

White quartz countertops

White is an ideal choice if you desire to imbue your client's kitchen with some lightness and calm. Moreover, the shade is iconic and never goes out of trend. White colored quartz countertops evoke a feeling of delight and purity. Shades like Arctic White go well with a variety of cabinet colors. 

It imparts a kitchen with a radiant view. Moreover, it also forges an illusion of an ample space due to its reflective properties. These factors significantly enrich the resale value of the house, which your client will definitely love.

Gray quartz countertops

This shade is perfect for making the home look relaxing. It is best for those who desire a natural look and feel. The color also imparts an industrial touch. That's why it's currently among the most popular countertop colors. 

Another notable thing about it is that you can mix and match this color with other neutral tones to get a more creative look in the space. Some reigning kitchen counter quartz colors in this shade are:

  • Coastal gray
  • Airy concrete
  • Clear skies
  • Babylon gray

Blue quartz countertops

Stone counter tops made of blue quartz have an intense color throughout. Such countertops add a shine to any interior and make it look contemporary. When you coordinate it well with the décor style and materials, blue quartz is sure to impress your clients.

Here, do pay some attention to the flecks that a blue or blue/gray quartz countertop may have. Consider them as your accent colors to tie the countertop better with the rest of the kitchen. 


Black quartz countertops 

Black natural stone countertops seamlessly blend with many spaces. It's easy to hide spills and stains and make the space look spick and span with kitchen counter quartz in black shade. Black also creates a dramatic effect. It works exceptionally well with vibrant colors. The contrast between them adds tons of elegance to any space. 

Moreover, you can find black countertops in a range of different tones. They are also easy to maintain and durable. Some colors worth exploring include:

  • Empire Black
  • Black Tempal
  • Jet Black
  • Vanilla Noir



Calacatta Leon 

Calacatta Leon quartz allows you to make the kitchen countertops of your client stand out. This statement shade of quartz can be used for flooring, countertops, waterfall islands, and shower surrounds. It has a dramatic gray veining that contrasts incredibly well against a white background.

Put simply; it's the ideal way to make interiors look jaw dropping!


Carrara Lumos 

Carrara Lumos kitchen counter quartz shade gives the look of marble at a highly reasonable rate. It's a very luxurious shade that results in the creation of a dream-like stone-inspired look. This appeal softens the kitchen space or even a bathroom. Interior designers working on an area defined by an absence of natural light should definitely try Carrara Lumos quartz. It'll make the setting look and feel more welcoming.


Calacatta Laza

This quartz countertop shade creates timeless interiors. The color has hints of brown, which allows it to complement kitchens having natural wood finishes. The white base of the stone contrasts with wood furnishings, while the marbling makes way for a harmonious color scheme. 

Calacatta Laza aligns well with any décor. Even when you add or remove some design element, it still matches perfectly. It has a soft brown veining that gives the right amount of drama to enliven any area. To create show-stopping countertops, choose Calacatta Laza. 



Soapstone mist concrete 

It is the perfect color for those looking to work with a sophisticated and contrasting color palette. With its defining gray-light background, soapstone mist concrete allows you to create the same contrasting vibes with a subtle twist.

The color has an added texture to it. It goes on to give the area some extra depth and dimension. If your client is after understated beauty, soapstone mist concrete quartz countertops are the ones you should use. It will give a marble-like look but at half the price. 


Midnight Corvo concrete 

Dark kitchen countertops offer a bold color palette that never fails to amaze the onlooker. Midnight Corvo quartz resembles concrete. Its understated cool white veining has a charm of its own. It makes the kitchen project a neutral-toned black yet bold backdrop.

Like soapstone mist concrete, it has a marble-like complexion. The textured stone finish makes it distinct from other polished quartz countertops. If you want to craft an innovative space, his shade is a must-have. 

How Much Do Quartz Countertops Cost?

Quartz countertops can make any space look more elegant than before. The cost of quartz countertops depends on many factors. They usually include the following:

  • The grade of the quartz stone.
  • The complexity of the task.
  • The person who will install the countertops.
  • The source of the quartz.

Some cheap materials can cost you around $50 per square foot. But the cost increases as the complexity of the task does. 

At GlobalFair, you can browse through a rich collection of quartz and even order a free sample at your doorstep. We follow a fixed DDP pricing structure and ensure timely delivery. 

Final Thoughts 

Quartz countertops are an excellent choice that serves the dual purpose of being durable and giving a statement look. Undoubtedly, they will add value to your kitchen project. Over the past couple of years, neutral shades in kitchen counter quartz have been reigning supreme in the market. If you wish to craft comfortable and beautiful kitchens, look through the exciting options available at GlobalFair. You'll find a ton of design inspiration. 

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