Vinyl Flooring (GF-ZN-JC 6179-1)
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Vinyl Flooring (GF-ZN-JC 6179-1)

Sku GF-ZN-JC 6179-1

Thickness - 4.5 mm to 08 mm

Wear Layer – 8 mil to 22 mil

Size – 07” x 48” | 178 mm x 1220 mm,

           07' x 60" | 178 mm x 1524 mm,

           09" x 48" | 228 mm x 1220 mm,

           09" x 48" | 228 mm x 1524 mm

Click Locking Type - Valinge 2G / I4F

Surface Texture – Regular, Embossed

Application – Flooring

Option for Customization - Yes

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer elegance of our luxury vinyl flooring planks! Introducing luxury vinyl flooring, a game-changer in the world of interior design. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this flooring is the epitome of style and sophistication.Indulge in the luxurious feel under your feet as you walk across our vinyl floor tiles kitchen. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand even the busiest of households, while still maintaining its flawless appearance. With its waterproof and scratch-resistant properties, you can bid farewell to worries about spills or pet claws ruining your beautiful flooring tile.