Nero White 2
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Nero White 2

Sku N/A

Thickness - 20 mm, 30 mm

Size - Customizable as per requirement

Options for Customization - Only Size

Options for Prefabrication - Yes

Application - Countertops, Flooring

Finishes - Polished, Honed, Leathered

Introducing the Nero White 2 marble slab - a stunning addition to enhance the elegance of your space. Crafted with utmost precision, this exquisite marble floor covering guarantees an enchanting ambiance that will effortlessly captivate anyone who steps foot on it. The smooth and polished surface exudes a timeless charm, making it the perfect choice for both modern and traditional interiors alike. The GlobalFair team has meticulously sourced and handpicked the highest quality marble tile floor, ensuring the utmost durability and longevity of this stunning flooring solution. Whether you're upgrading your home or revamping a commercial space, Nero White 2 natural stone flooring is the epitome of sophistication and grandeur. Transform your space today with this remarkable product, where style meets durability in harmonious balance.