Smoky Grey
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Smoky Grey

Sku CSH53003

Series – CS Series

Thickness - 20 mm, 30 mm

Size – Jumbo (126 inch x 63 inch)

       Super Jumbo (138 inch x 78 inch)

Options for Customization – Yes (Color & Texture)

Options for Prefabrication - Yes

Application – Kitchen Countertops, Vanity Tops, Worktops

Finishes – Polished, Honed, Leathered

If you're in the process of designing your kitchen and want a countertop that exudes elegance and charm, look no further than Smoky Grey Quartz Countertops. These stunning surfaces are the perfect choice for homeowners who crave a touch of sophistication in their kitchen design. With its beautiful grey hue, smoky quartz adds a sense of depth and warmth to any space, instantly transforming it into a sanctuary of style. But it's not just the color that makes these countertops so desirable; it's their unique composition as well. Smoky grey quartz countertops are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. GlobalFair, a renowned manufacturer, specializes in producing exceptional quartz countertops that meet the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. With GlobalFair's commitment to sustainable practices, you can feel good about choosing smoky grey quartz countertops for your kitchen design. With its friendly tone and exquisite beauty, these countertops are sure to become the centerpiece of your kitchen, inspiring awe and admiration from all who enter. So why wait? Elevate your kitchen to new heights of elegance with smoky grey quartz countertops from GlobalFair.