Globalfair Secures $2 Million in Seed Funding, Led by Prominent Investors Saama Capital and India Quotient


In a landmark move that signals growing investor confidence in the B2B market for building materials and supplies, GlobalFair has successfully secured $2 million in seed funding. Two of the most prominent investment entities pioneered this remarkable achievement: Saama Capital and India Quotient. This funding round underscores GlobalFair's promising business model and highlights the potential impact this strategic investment could have on the B2B cross-border trade ecosystem. Through this financial infusion, GlobalFair is poised to revolutionize how building materials are sourced, procured, and delivered, promising to bring about efficiency, sustainability, and innovation in a critical sector yet traditionally slow to embrace change.

GlobalFair Cross Border Trade

GlobalFair's $2 Million Seed Funding

We are an emerging player in the B2B sector focused on streamlining the procurement process for building materials and supplies. We are revolutionizing the international import journey for a buyer by owning the end-to-end process, ensuring adherence to quality and timely delivery of goods. With a network of 10,000+ trusted manufacturers across India, we are here to make your procurement experience hassle-free. 

Cross Border Trade of Building Materials - GlobalFair

At GlobalFair our USP is our end-to-end solution from sourcing, organized production, price negotiation, quality inspection, technical evaluation with pattern designing, cost-effective shipping, and timely delivery. This financial influx marks a pivotal moment for GlobalFair, underlining investor confidence in its innovative approach and ambitious growth plans. 


In summary, GlobalFair's successful acquisition of $2 million in seed funding spearheaded by Saama Capital and India Quotient signals a robust vote of confidence in its innovative approach to streamlining the building material sector. This capital infusion is set to bolster our operations. Ultimately, the investment not only underscores the potential for disruptive innovation within the B2B building materials space but also highlights the growing confidence in startups that bridge the gap between traditional industries and modern technology. As GlobalFair sets its sights on redefining how the construction and renovation sectors procure building materials.


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