Quartz vs. Marble – 7 factors that you should consider

What do you think when you imagine your fantasy kitchen? For most people, they imagine a room with splendid style and a surface covered with elegant slabs. Mostly when you choose, you are always confused between three stones that are marble, granite and quartz. Why not we help you to eliminate one of these to make your next purchase easy

Today we are going to cover the difference between marble and quartz. Read through and learn about the pros and cons of each material and understand the composition of marble & quartz.

Both quartz and the marble will give your kitchen a lovely and exquisite look yet these materials don’t play out a similar way. Quartz has numerous advantages when contrasted with marble. It will give your kitchen both the look and style you need notwithstanding strength, which is an unquestionable requirement for a busy family. 

Let’s learn the differences 


Marble is a metamorphic stone formed by limestone and dolostone. Marble is utilized in making sculptures and architectures due to its shading and finishing. When marble is free from impurities, it develops a pristine white color. Due to porous characteristics, it needs more maintenance and will need frequent cleaning and maintenance. The common colours that are found are black, grey-blue, purple, yellow and red. 

When talking about quartz countertops, they are a mixture of blended rock, marble and different stones, alongside quartz, defining it as “engineered stone.” Whereas marble is natural and has not many variations. Quartz can mimic marble or all together can give a completely different look. Quartz comes in different patterns and colours such as violet, brown, rose, white or smoky yellow. 


Quartz is more affordable than marble because its running in cost starts from $40100 for every square foot, while marble can extend in cost from $50-150 for each square foot. While it won’t sound like an enormous value but when you will choose it for flooring then the cost per square will be in the range of $2,200-5,600 for quartz and for marble it can be estimated to be $2,800-8,400, potentially which will cover a huge part of your whole future spending plan.


Marble countertops are said to define luxury because they are natural, quarried and polished to give a shine. Though these countertops are resistant to heat, you will have to be careful of the acidic material which leaves the stain behind.  Thus marble requires regular sealing, which will eventually affect your long-term expenses. Remember if you still want to install it anyway, you should consider factors such as cleaning time, cost to keep it clean and how much it is impacting the environment. 

Whereas quartz gives you consistency and is an answer to your low-maintenance countertop. People who live in a busy house and who have kids prefer Quartz more than marble plus there are enough types of Quartz that can mimic marble. That means  whether you prefer contemporary or classical looks, you’ll be able to discover a colour tone and design that will satisfy your particular demand for your space. 

We know that marble defines luxury differently but wait until you look at our exclusive quartz collection that impersonates these natural stones. If you consider quartz, well you are in luck because quartz is fabricated and each pattern, colour and texture are customs made, you can effortlessly choose your options.  But when it comes to marble, it becomes hard because then it is difficult to get the same shade in a large quantity. 

Both marble and quartz may look different in appearance after some time. Marble becomes slightly dark and whereas when we talk about quartz, well until it is kept safe from sunlight there is no harm. 


A major factor of every better kitchen’s environment is maintenance & cleanliness. The effortless and low-maintenance the kitchen is, the better it is. 

Marble is very high-maintenance as well as it is much more expensive. As you know marble needs sealer but sometimes these sealer breaks causing a stain on the marble surface. 

Whereas quartz is more durable than the marble as it needs very little time in cleaning and since it is non-porous, it doesn’t absorb moisture or any liquids which eliminate the thought of the bacteria growing inside the countertops


Installing countertops is a complicated process that requires professional and proper measures. The significant issue with marble is seaming two marbles together. When you join two distinct chunks it ought to leave a noticeable crease. Whereas Quartz is better and it’s easier to seam and there is a less difference when two identical pieces are put together. 

Recoloring and Discoloration

Marble, similar to all normal stone, needs customary fixing to keep up its protection from fluid, and in this manner to be recoloured. Sauce, wine, espresso, and different liquids are famous for leaving their imprint on a white marble surface. Since quartz is waterproof, it is substantially more stain-safe.


Though a marble countertop enhances the home and can expand its resale price. But as the people are developing knowledge about Quartz and its characteristics like durability and sustainability. It is likewise viewed that this extravagance mineral may even increase more value of the home because of the characteristics that it possesses. Contructruters and interior designers can make a huge profit if they have the insight of the different stones and their demand. 

Even though marble and quartz countertops are both excellent, long-lasting, and exquisite. This Marble is the softest when compared to granite and quartz. Marble is considered more of a luxury and baking whereas many chefs have preferred quartz more because of its hardness and low-maintenance. 

Choosing the appropriate countertop is a huge deal and if you want to assure that you’re choosing the right material, Globalfair can help! Whether you require quartz or granite, we have it all and they are present in a wide selection and we do have some exclusive textures as well. So If you are looking to buy or import these beautiful countertops, contact us and our expert will take you through our products and as well manage the end-to-end process.

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