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Forbes is a renowned American business magazine that has been a prominent source of financial and business news since its founding in 1917 by B.C. Forbes. Widely recognized for its annual lists, such as the Forbes 400 (ranking the wealthiest Americans) and the Forbes Global 2000 (listing the world's top companies), Forbes has established itself as a reliable authority in the realms of finance, entrepreneurship, and wealth. The magazine is celebrated for its in-depth articles, interviews with influential business leaders, and insightful analysis of global economic trends. Over the years, Forbes has expanded its digital presence, maintaining a strong online platform to reach a broader audience interested in business, investing, and leadership.

Forbes 30 under 30 Magazine - GlobalFair


As an IIT Bombay alumnus, Shaily Garg is on a mission to revolutionize cross-border materials trade and develop the world's largest digital-first construction materials supplier. Originally from a small manufacturing family in India, Shaily Garg aims to give suppliers across South Asia access to global markets along with her cofounder Ashish Chandra. Since its founding in 2020, the company has grown tremendously across India and the U.S. Lightspeed India, India Quotient, and Saama Capital have invested $10 million in the company. And in 2022 we raised $20M in Series A funding led by Lightspeed.

Shaily Garg listed in Forbes 30 under 30

The elation is indescribable as we bask in the sheer joy of discovering that our founder's name Shaily Garg has earned a coveted spot in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the year 2022. This recognition is a testament to her exceptional contributions and accomplishments in her respective field, placing her among the most promising and innovative individuals under the age of 30. It not only validates Shaily’s hard work and dedication but also serves as inspiration for our entire team. The Forbes 30 Under 30 accolade is a milestone that underscores their influence, expertise, and commitment, propelling our organization into a new realm of recognition and success. It is a moment of immense pride, marking the culmination of relentless efforts and foresight that have truly set our founder Shaily Garg apart on a global stage.

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