The Most Popular Commercial Granite Options for Builders

The Best Commercial Granite for Construction Projects



Granite counter tops are always in high demand. Whether homeowners or those involved in commercial projects, this natural stone is a popular choice for everyone. However, apart from the visual beauty of granite, its quality is also important. The color, pattern, and country of origin all play a significant role in determining granite’s cost and quality. 

Apart from that, the thickness of granite slabs is also a crucial factor when it comes to finding a high-end natural stone like granite.

Let’s go over the factors that make it high-end. Then, we’ll list the top ones perfect for commercial use. 

Factors That Make Granite High End

High-end granite is an integral element of many building projects. The granite countertop slab is widely known for its beauty and versatility, especially after its cut. There are four main factors that make a granite slab high-end. They include the following: 

  • Size of the slab
  • Distinct design
  • Captivating colors
  • Source of the stone 

Usually, granite is graded as per established standards. There are three levels for this grading that include:

  • Builder-grade granite
  • Mid-grade granite
  • High-quality granite

Granite that is of commercial-grade won’t have as much color variation as granite stone of the other two grades. At GlobalFair, you can find an array of the highest quality granite with eye-catching colors and designs. You can place an order for granite slabs in bulk and be assured of their quality. 

The Most In-Demand Granite Stones for Commercial Construction Projects

1.   Alaska Gold Granite


Alaska Gold Granite


This granite is best-suited for walls and countertops in commercial spaces. Contractors also use it extensively for commercial flooring purposes. Alaska Gold granite flooring defines many sores and buildings. The blend of cool and warm gold shades on the floor makes it look very attractive. 

This beautiful natural stone is also a good option for wall decoration, wall cladding, and staircases. Alaska Gold Granite is present in the form of slabs and tiles. The granite slab thickness ranges from 20 mm to 30 mm.

Alaska Gold granite is a great option to imbue a rustic charm to your commercial décor. It wonderfully highlights the beauty of floors and walls. 

2.   Biscotti White Granite

Biscotti White Granite

This stone looks exotic due to the accumulation of light bands and natural minerals. The dispersed mica and quartz fragments over the white surface give it a classy and elegant look. 

Biscotti White granite is always the first choice for builders to create vibrant and trendy interiors and exteriors. The slabs are particularly useful for countertops, mosaics, monuments, and exterior and interior wall and floor applications. It can also be processed into finishing surfaces like Sawn Cut, Polished, Rockfaced, Sanded, Sandblasted, and the like.

3.   Silver Falls Granite

Silver Falls Granite


Silver falls white granite countertops are a mix of light grays with dark and medium gray tones. The stone looks stunning, and you can use it for outdoor kitchens and commercial use. 

The available thickness of this granite is 20 mm to 30 mm. Polished silver falls granite in 20 mm thickness is a highly sought-after product for commercial use. 

Silver Falls White granite price is mainly dependent on the thickness, quantity needed, and size of the product. The sophisticated natural stone can make any kind of structure look and feel splendid. 

4.   Black Galaxy Granite


Black Galaxy Granite


This granite features tiny gray and white specks on a black surface. This granite is widely selected by builders for flooring, wall cladding, pool capping, and countertops. You can find standard and customized sizes of stone available. 

There are majorly three qualities of Black Galaxy Granite for commercial projects. These include:

  • Fresh or premium – In this quality, the golden dots are evenly distributed throughout the length of the stone. There aren’t any variations, white lines, or cracks. This variety is one of the most expensive ones and is highly recommended for you if your project involves creating floors of luxury hotels or quality kitchen countertops.
  • Semi-standard – It is a rare variant exported from India worldwide. About 20% of granite slabs cut from this stone have a slender black line. It is also ideal for industrial outfits and fireplaces. You won’t find any color variation, cracks, or high spots in it.
  • Commercial – It is a regular variant of the Black Galaxy Granite. You’ll find it much more inexpensive than the above-mentioned variants. Typically, 50% of the slabs cut from commercial quality Black Galaxy Granite have black lines. There is some mid-level variation. So, you can use it for the domestic industry.

5.   Ruby Red Granite

Ruby Red Granite


Ruby Red granite is apt for industrial and commercial purposes. Ruby red granite tile in exterior spaces is a common sight. The rich red shade with gray or black speckles makes it a good choice for architects of residential and commercial structures and corporate buildings. 

 Also known as Imperial Red granite, it appears like scattered red flowers on a pink background. Thus, it imparts an incredibly pleasing look to any space. The durable stone is long-lasting and low maintenance. 

You can find many Ruby Red granite slabs at GlobalFair defined by their vibrant color, strength, and seamless finish. 

Factors Affecting Granite Countertop Cost Per Square Foot

Many factors influence the cost of granite countertops in different areas. These factors consist of the following: 

  • Size – The more the space you desire to cover with countertops made of this stone, the greater will be the cost. If the space is small, the total project cost will also go down.
  • Color – The color of the granite slabs is also a prominent factor that affects the project’s overall price. Readily available shades like gray, white, and green won’t cost as much as those that are rare.
  • Texture – Texture options come at different prices. If you are looking for a reasonable option, go for polished texture. But if your budget allows, consider expensive options like leathered granite and honed granite. If you look into high-end granites, you will find that they are more expensive.

Concluding Thoughts

This is by no means a very exhaustive list of granite types that you can use in your commercial project. But the varieties mentioned in this article are the most sought-after and can be used to enhance your commercial projects manifold. If you are looking for high-quality granite slabs at a reasonable cost, visit GlobalFair. Our teams will guide you in finding the best variant according to your project needs. 

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