Make Your Kitchen Look Awesome By These Small Tricks!

Cabinets are, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of a kitchen. After all, you need storage space! Cabinets aren't only for storing things. They are also important for the aesthetics and flow of your kitchen. One of the first steps in renovating your kitchen is to choose the right cabinet materials. Also, a good kitchen cabinet shop for your needs. 

Yes, purchasing a new kitchen cabinet will eat into your budget. If you know what you are looking for and go to the correct kitchen cabinet shop. You can find a beautiful kitchen cabinet at a good deal. Global fair provides a wide range of cabinets. You can have a look at its free samples. 

There are many ways to remodel your kitchen. Whether you buy new cabinets or either you change the look of your old cabinets. This blog will help you get all the important things you need. 

Why Buy Laminate Kitchen Cabinets? 

There is a vast range of cabinet materials available in many kitchen cabinet shops. Why would you choose laminate kitchen cabinets? Are they the best kitchen cabinets for you? 

Well, they hold many good qualities as compared to others. They are long-lasting, fashionable, easily available to any kitchen cabinet shop, and economical. 

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets: Painting, Refinishing, or Refacing 

Many people have kitchens with laminate kitchen cabinets. That they have bought from a good kitchen cabinet shop. Now that is looking tired and old but is still sturdy and doesn’t warrant replacement. 

What to do? 

You can paint your laminate cabinets, or buy new doors and drawer fronts. And get a whole new look without the expense, work, and hassle of replacing the cabinets.

1.) Painting 

Preparation is the most important part of painting cabinets of any kind. And this goes double with laminate cabinets. As inadequate preparation will cause all your hard work to be for naught, the paint will simply peel off. 

Preparation of the laminate involves roughening the surface with sandpaper. And then using a special primer to bond the laminate surface. Then give a good substrate for the finish coats of paint. Special paint is also available at any kitchen cabinet shop for painting on top of the laminate. 

If you’re going to paint, consider changing the style of your doors beforehand. Do you have the oak or metal pull strips along the bottom or top edge of the doors or drawers? These are a dead giveaway of 80’s style laminate cabinets. 

You could remove them and replace them with plain wood. Then fill the joint between the new wood strip and the door surface. Then paint over the whole and use new knobs or pulls as handles. You could also use thin wood strips like lath, glued to the door like a picture frame. It will give the effect of a shaker frame and panel door style. Once filled and painted, no one knows that the “frame” got added later. 

2.) Refacing with Laminate 

Simply gluing new laminate in a new color and style over the old is a fast and simple way to change your cabinets. New water-based contact cement is much safer to work with than the old solvent-based glues. This is quite adequate for gluing on the new laminate. 

Make sure you remove the doors and drawer fronts. So you can work on them, to make the task easier. Clean the old surface well before gluing to get rid of grease or dirt that will prevent proper adhesion. You may also want to add matching edge banding. Check that there’s enough clearance between the doors and drawer fronts to give space. You can adjust hinges to give you more space.

3.) Refacing with Wood 

It’s possible to buy wood veneers of many species from a kitchen cabinets shop. Which you can glue onto your doors and drawers. Plus edge banding to match, in the same way as the new laminate. You’ll then need to stain and finish the wood as desired. Even if your cabinets are face frames rather than "euro" type boxes, you can reface the frames.

4.) New doors and drawer fronts

If your cabinet boxes are in decent shape but your doors and drawers are in terrible condition. Consider replacing them with new doors and drawer fronts.  Make them with a unique design and material. Try to find out the best kitchen cabinet shop in the market.

This is more expensive than refacing or painting, but in less work and gives you a better result in the long run.

5.) Arranging Your Shelves to Look Great

The simplest way to use open shelves is to put the items you need to store right on the shelf nearest to you. And never mind how it all looks. This can look quite good if what you’re storing is attractive. Do not over-fill the shelves, it will make it look messy.

Most of us, though, need to do a little planning to get an attractive look.

Gather all the stuff you plan to place on the shelves together on a large table or counter and inspect it.

  • Is there any color theme you can work with?
  • Any obvious large “anchor” pieces?
  • Anything that could get grouped as a collection?
  • Do you have anything stored elsewhere in the kitchen that could get added to these items? So that it creates a theme, collection, or anchor?
  • Is there enough room on the shelves for everything? Shelves stuffed to bursting seldom look good.
  • Is there anything that doesn’t need to be on the shelves that could go somewhere else
  • Now split up your items by shelf. Arrange each item and set them on the shelf in a way that is important and also gives cool look.
  • Step back often as you work to get a sense of the complete look.

Don’t be afraid to rearrange several times, add and remove things, even start over if you’re not happy. Live with your arrangement for a while and then revisit it. Try taking pictures and looking at them–you get a whole different view.

Modern Metal Kitchen Cabinets

Metal kitchen cabinets have made a comeback in many kitchen cabinet shops. Both in their original retro-look incarnations and as brand new stainless steel. Also, powder-coated metal cabinets can give you an ultra-modern kitchen look.

Many people think metal cabinets are a relic of the 1950’s, but it still made in several forms. You can buy them finished in stainless steel. Often built by companies who made them for scientific lab or industrial use.

Both powder coating and stainless steel are solid and durable finishes for cabinets. But investigate what underlies the metal. Are the cabinets all-metal, or are they built of a metal skin over a particleboard or MDF core?

Both ways have their pros and cons. But if you’re looking for metal cabinets to save it from humidity and temperature swings. You’ll want all-metal construction. If you want the look in your regular kitchen, other materials under the metal will be fine. As they are the same materials often used in building regular wood veneer. Also, the melamine coated cabinets.

Some kitchen cabinet shops of metal cabinets have been building these cabinets. Their new lines include ultra-modern looks and retro looks. The steel for the cabinets is 70% recycled and 98% recyclable, so it’s eco-friendly. All the modern interior fittings are available. From pull-out pantries and large, deep drawers to fluorescent lighting. You can even get glass doors and glass shelves (with stainless steel edging!)

Even laminate cabinets are getting in on the metal look. There are laminate finishes that mimic different metals. Such as brushed aluminum and copper. Metal finishes available include brushed, textured, and polished. The metal can also be powder-coated with hard-wearing paint.

Unfinished Kitchen Cabinets

Unfinished kitchen cabinets are a brilliant choice in several situations:

  • You want the best value for money and you prepare yourself to put in your time and labor
  • You want a unique finish or super high-end look at the cabinets, without paying an arm and leg to get it.
  • You want the lowest possible price while still getting decent quality


What do you get when you buy unfinished kitchen cabinets?

These cabinets are face-frame construction. Also, with hardwood face frames and plywood or MDF panels. They're designed to get finished with paint or stain and a clear coat by you. They come well assembled from a kitchen cabinet shop.

What’s the difference between “unfinished” and “RTA” or “Ready to Assemble” cabinets?

Companies completely assembled unfinished cabinets. But the wood used in the construction is raw and ready for you to paint or stain. Often, the interior gets completed with a clear finish. And you only have to do your custom by finishing on the outside. Unfinished cabinets are usually of face-frame construction.

RTA cabinets get typically finished. But they come in pieces, flat-packed in a box so they are easy to pack into your vehicle or have shipped. All the pieces get cut to the exact size and shape and pre-drilled for fasteners. And the special fasteners get included in the package. RTA cabinets are usually of frameless construction.

Where can I buy unfinished cabinets? 

  • There are several independent companies that carry unfinished cabinets. 
  • Your local kitchen cabinet shop might also be willing to build cabinets for you. So that you can finish them yourself.

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