The Ultimate Guide to Order Kitchen Cabinets Online

Everyone wants an ideal kitchen cabinet that matches the look and size of their kitchen. There's a lot to consider when it comes to selecting kitchen cabinets for a kitchen remodel, but here are 10 tips to help you make the right decision.

The information in this blog will help you make a better decision when you order kitchen cabinets online.  This will also help you narrow down your search.


Special Purpose Kitchen Cabinet Types 

Every kitchen needs cabinets according to the needs and decor of the house and the members living in the house. You can order kitchen cabinets online from Global fair. Global fair offers a variety of cabinets and it is a One Stop Solution for all Building Materials.

Below is an overview of what the possibilities are-

  • Corner Cabinets
  • If you are building an L, U, or G-shaped kitchen, then you are going to have at least one corner in your base cabinets. Corners can be awkward to access, but there are several ways to improve this situation.

    • Access from the other side.

    If the cornerbacks on to another room, because it’s part of a peninsula. Then the hard-to-reach corner can open into that other room.

    • Kidney- or Half-circle-shaped shelves

    This can open out through a single door and give access to a large part of the interior.

    • Complicated wire pull-out fittings

    This can allow you access to almost the whole inside space. But you will need space beside the door to open up, and this is quite expensive.

    • Plain “blind corner” bases

    This, with no fancy fixtures, gives you access to the area immediately behind the door. But getting into the corner area is a struggle. A bank of drawers can extend diagonally back into the corner, with faces either flat or shaped like a V.

    • A cab with a bifold door but no interior fittings is another option but also hard to access.
    • Corner wall cabinets

    These are also available to improve access, including those that can fit into the corner. To order kitchen cabinets online, search for the best options available.

    1. Range Hood Cabinetry

    Range hoods come in a variety of shapes and types. Some stand-alone above the range, with no cabinetry attached to them. Others attach below a high wall cabinet.

    Others come as a liner intended to have cabinetry built around them. Which can be fancy and impressive. It includes columns, corbels, and giant hearth-like structures with storage and lighting built-in. 

    The best way to get your favorite cabinets is to order kitchen cabinets online. As you will get varieties of cabinets available online and you can choose from them.

    1. Range and Cooktop Enclosures

    If you have a standalone range, then your cabinets will simply stand on either side of it. But, drop-in and slide-in ranges need a special cabinet to support them.

    Cooktops, that are not part of a range, drop directly into a countertop. These sometimes need space in the cabinet below them for mechanical or electrical components. So that a drawer can’t get placed below the counter.


    Others will allow a shallow drawer. Global fair provides premium quality products at guaranteed best rates. You can order kitchen cabinets online from Global fair easily.

    1. Cabinets for Sinks

    Sinks come in various types, which need different cabinets:

    • Standard counter-mounted/under-mount or drop-in sinks

    This needs a cabinet with a plain front where the top drawer gets fitted. You will need to make sure that the width of your cabinet allows the width of the sink you have chosen. Especially if you have a multi-bowl sink or one with attached drainboards.

    • Sinks that take up the entire depth of the counter

    Like some sinks with drainboards. But they will have a different attachment method since they do not attach to the counter.

    • Apron sinks/farmhouse or Belfast sinks

    In any material, you need a cabinet that gets cut away at the front to make space for the apron. Metal sinks like this get manufactured to close tolerances. But some fireclay sinks are handmade and may vary by 1/4″ in any dimension. The sink cabinet, in this case, has to be custom-adapted. If not custom-made and scribed to fit exactly around the front of the sink.

    1. Fridge Enclosures and Side Panels

    Some fridges get made to get completely built into cabinets, and these need a special cabinet. But even standalone fridges can get surrounded by cabinets to reduce the huge look. You need to consult the manufacturer to find out how much free space must be left behind, to the sides, and on top.


    Side panels are often used to disguise the sides of the fridge: base and wall cabinets can get butted up to these. Cabinets over top of the fridge are often supported by the side panels, or open shelves can get used. 

    Upright storage for cookie trays etc. is a good use of the space above the fridge. The side panels can be plain sheets like plywood, edged and painted. Also stained to match the cabinets or melamine-coated sheets. 

    They can be something more elaborate made to match the cabinet doors. If you have a side panel that doesn’t have cabinets butted up to it, it can be a good place for a bulletin board or chalkboard.

    1. Dishwasher Cabinets

    People often install dishwashers under the cabinet and in a small area left between cabs. You can use a special cabinet to raise the dishwasher several inches to a foot off the floor. This can make it much easier to load and unload, especially if you have back or leg problems.

    Of course, the counter above the dishwasher will be higher too. You could install wall cabinets directly on top to get used as a pantry or use the raised counter for display.

    1. Built-in Oven Cabinets

    Built-in wall ovens need a special cabinet with an opening. That matches the exact measurements of the oven. Be very careful here. There are “standard sizes” for wall ovens. They are approximate, and the actual size of ovens varies from one model to another.

    A custom cabinet allows you to adjust the oven height to be exactly right for you. Before you order kitchen cabinets online, try mocking up the oven at the height you plan to use. Then see how easy it is to open the door, see inside, and put things in and out.

    Global fair provides premium quality products at guaranteed best rates. You can order kitchen cabinets online from Global Fair.

    1. Paneled Fronts for Appliances

    Many appliances nowadays can be “integrated”. They are of the same depth as the cabinets. Also, they can have a custom panel attached to the front that exactly matches the cabinet doors. This can make the appliances disappear. The people unfamiliar with your kitchen may have trouble finding the fridge!

    1. Pantry Cabinets

    While a walk-in pantry is what many people would like to have. It is not always possible to fit one in, and that’s when pantry cabinets come into their own. While they are often full height, they can also be base or wall cabinets. What they all have in common, though, is interior fittings. That allows packing as much as possible into the available space. It still makes it all easily accessible. The major ways of doing this are:

    • Pull-outs -where you pull out the door and the shelves all come out with it, and you access them from the side. 
    • Roll out shelves- that come out individually and get accessed from the front. But again, give you full access right to the back of the shelf.
    • Swing out sections- each with shallow shelves built into it.
    1. Over-Range and Over-Fridge cabinets 

    These short cabinets go over the top of the fridge or the range hood. They often need to get changed to fit around ducting for range hoods. They are hard to access unless you are tall or use a ladder. Fridge top cabinets can be full depth, which makes them easier to reach.

    You can see a vast range of special cabinets available at Global Fair. It is quite easy to order kitchen cabinets online from Global Fair. Make sure you consider everything available when you’re planning your kitchen. So that you don’t miss any opportunities to maximize space, looks, and function.

    You can try our free samples just a click away.

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