The Digital Revolution: Transforming Cross-Border Procurement for the Future

Digital revolution is transforming cross-border trade. Technology helps to streamline processes, enhance supply chains, and drive cost savings. Digital Revolution enables global connectivity between buyers and suppliers, breaking down barriers and opening opportunities.

Digital Revolution in Cross Border Trade


Advantages of digital transformation in the cross border trade:

Procurement processes are conventional and time-consuming. But Digitalization has helped the Construction Industry to streamline and automate their process. Benefits of Digitalization in the Construction Industry:
  1. Increased efficiency and productivity.
  2. The ability to access a global marketplace with unlimited supply.
  3. Track and monitor their supply chain in real time.
  4. Collaboration and communication between buyers and suppliers.

Cross Border Trade - GlobalFair


GlobalFair’s successful implementation of digital solutions in cross-border trade

GlobalFair is America’s leading building material supplier. Our founder Shaily Garg's main objective was to facilitate an efficient cross-border procurement. The Construction Industry is a conventional sector, with 80% of materials imported from China to the US. COVID-19 negatively affected the construction industry.  GlobalFair was founded at this point by our founder. 

Shaily comes from a quartz manufacturing background in India and knows building materials and supply chains. She aims to streamline the construction process through building technology. GlobalFair specializes in Multi-family, Senior Living, and Hospitality contractors. 

Shaily shares on Frontlines her journey in embracing the digital revolution in cross-border procurement, navigating complexities, driving innovation, and achieving sustainable growth.

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