Unforgettable Encounters: How TPS’s Positive Experience Left a Lasting Impression at the Times Square


Modern business success is built on transforming transactions into relationships. Today's customers crave meaningful connections with brands, not just transactional experiences. A great customer experience goes beyond the purchase process. Customer experience includes all interactions with a brand, from initial awareness to post-purchase support. Every step of the customer journey involves creating seamless touchpoints and personalizing interactions.

Brands gain a competitive edge by prioritizing customer experience. A positive customer experience increases loyalty and repeat business. In this blog, we will explore the crucial role of customer experience in transforming transactions into relationships.

TPS Partnering with GlobalFair:

GlobalFair is a leading supplier of building materials, headquartered in San Francisco, US. Our technology-driven platform digitizes complete procurement experience delivering to the door from direct SEA. Our partners include importers, distributors, stone fabricators, architects, and construction companies. Quartz countertops, flooring, cabinets, natural stones, and tiles are the primary products offered by Globalfair.

In business for more than 25 years, The Product Source, Inc. (TPS) based in the heart of Woodstock, is a respected supplier and fabricator of stone and cabinetry for the hospitality industry. Natural Stones, Quartz, Cabinets, Fabrication, Barn Doors, Shower Surrounds, and other needs for multi-family, hospitality, and senior living are the main areas of focus for TPS. In addition to new projects, The Product Source, Inc. also works on remodeling projects. They are well known for on-time deliveries, reliable business practices, knowledgeable employees, quality products, and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

TPS and GlobalFair entered into a strategic partnership driven by TPS's requirement for high-quality cabinets in their hospitality projects. The collaboration stemmed from TPS's recognition of GlobalFair as a reliable provider capable of meeting their specific needs for cabinets tailored to the unique demands of the hospitality sector. The three main brand projects on which GlobalFair and TPS have collaborated are Woodspring Suites, Residence Inns, and Springhill Suites.  

GlobalFair - Workers in the Factory


Creating a customer-centric culture and overcoming challenges:

Customer appreciation is fostered by creating a customer-centric culture, personalizing the customer experience, using technology, and communicating effectively. Customer appreciation starts within the organization. The customer must be prioritized and valued in the company culture. Delivering exceptional customer experiences means involving employees at all levels.

Challenges in the partnership emerged during the initial phases, primarily centered around the precise specifications of the handle for Cabinets. The customized design of the handle by GlobalFair had to be changed because TPS had a specific design for their project. After giving this top priority, GlobalFair fixed and replaced the handles in two days without any delay in production and delivery

GlobalFair - TPS Project Execution
Another difficulty encountered during the project was the lack of left panels for the cabinets, which TPS had alerted us to which GF QC team fixed promptly by determining the right format of the drills and the panels, necessitating the replacement of the holes.

Effective communication is the key to success:

Here at GlobalFair, we make sure our clients are completely informed about everything going on with the project. We made sure to schedule a weekly meeting with TPS to get their input and discuss any areas that could use improvement. After every stage, we also made sure to send TPS images so they could view the pictures and let us know if everything looked good to move forward or if any changes needed to be made. We were able to comprehend TPS requirements and the necessary actions to guarantee smooth project completion thanks to this type of weekly communication.

Fostering customer appreciation:

TPS was very pleased with GlobalFair for communication, the quality of the materials, the packaging, the prompt action taken in response to feedback, the reports, and the abundance of information provided by the Buyers app about the materials. TPS expressed gratitude to GlobalFair for their quick and efficient efforts to resolve the issue on schedule. 


The Journey of TPS to Times Square:

TPS's journey to Times Square is about more than just getting to a well-known location—it's also about building long-lasting relationships with important clients. Their success in the middle of New York City is evidence of the faith and confidence their clients have in them. It is the result of years of unrelenting devotion, ceaseless work, and an unwavering commitment to providing nothing less than perfection. We are illuminating our most valuable customer success in the bustling Times Square as a thank you.

GlobalFair- The Product Source on Times Square

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