5 Indian Granite stones that are trending in the world

When you are looking for granite, it is essential to understand what is in the market. Like what shades of colour are trending in countertops or maybe for floorings.

Indian granites are universally famous because of its finishing and natural textures. You can always find resources for granite in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Jharkhand, Orissa and Chattisgarh. 

Due to a variety of places, Indian granite comes into two categories:

1) Northern Granite

2) Southern Granite

We have an exclusive insight of 5 granites which are in demand and are been exported from India, let’s learn about them:


Absolute Black Granite: 

The idea of luxury represented with glossy black is not new. Absolute Black Granite which is also known as Jet Black Granite or Indian Granite has a homogenous impression which makes it easy for the designer to work. The stone is found towards southern parts of India. Its shimmering tiny sugar crystals and jet black volcanic stone gives a sense of luxury. 

The stone is recommended in interiors of a place like countertops and exteriors like architectural innovations and flooring. Mostly it is suggested for Kitchen tops because of its feature of being rough & tough, heat resistance, easy removal of stain plus the elegant appearance it gives. 


Black Galaxy Granite 

It is popularly known as Star Galaxy Granite and comes under Southern Granite. Like the name, it is dark black with grey & white tiny specs. The price of this stone varies by flecks size. This type of granite is available in three different sizes –  large-grained, medium-grained and small-grained material where the larger one is rare and expensive. 

According to many granite experts, Granite’s rating is 4.5 on moh’s scale which makes it harder and long-lasting. It is mostly recommended for counters at the entrance like receptions. 

The features that found in this type of stone are: 

1) Golden and white tiny flecks on its surface 

2)  Metallic speckles – Occurs due to the existence of bronzite 

3) The dark solid black backdrop 

4) Green or black shading 


New Imperial Red Granite: 

P.C – Planet Granite

This granite stone is also known as Chhatarpur Red Granite or Jhansi Red. It is a red colour granite filled with sparkling specs and exuberant pattern. Mostly these specs are of black, blue, white and golden colour. Since it does look like an elongated cluster on a pink background, it looks very pleasing when installed on floors. 

Quarried in Madhya Pradesh, the Ruby Red Granite can be installed as a wall cladding, countertops, mosaic, risers, steps, window ledges and fountains elevator boards. It is also used for flooring in crowded places like busy places like stations, hospitals, worship areas etc. 


 Golden Oak Granite

P.C – Gardenweb.com

Mined in South India, the golden oak granite has a golden colour background with veins like texture, of brown and orange colour. It brings out a sense of richness k when installed in interiors. 

This granite is good for monuments, temples, pools, fountains and innovative design projects. Again this can also be used for countertop and flooring but can also be seen below the wall dado. It is famously also known as Golden Oak Extra Granite. 


Tan Brown Granite

These Granite tiles are a perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom slabs when it is matched up with wooden cupboards. It has zero per cent water absorbent capacity, which is more suitable for flooring and surface cladding. 

The granite appearance is a mixture of white and grey colour.  They are efficient, long-lasting and affordable. The tone comes in two hues that are black and brown. Both the types of colours give out an eye-catching look to your home and make the place look more comfortable

Globafair is a leading Granite and Quartz manufacturer based in Rajasthan, India. With over 15+ years of manufacturing experience providing the finest quality granite, we are dedicated to supplying our esteemed clients with most competitive prices and committed delivery.  

We offer in various sizes such as 

○ 65 cm to 90 cm x 180 cm to 330 cm 

○ 120 cm to 125 cm x 220 cm to 330 cm 

○ 160 cm to 210 cm x 280 cm to 340 cm 

To know more about granite we have an exclusive guide for you to know major insights and how manufacturing is done.

Let us know if you are planning to import granite in future, our executives will explain you through all the process and handle the end-to-end process to make your purchase hassle-free. 

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