Your Guide To Next Indian Granite Purchase

Granite is a typical, coarse-grained, hard molten stone consisting mainly of quartz, orthoclase or microcline, and mica. From imaginative sculpture to exemplary monuments, Indian granite has been popular all over the world. Recognized for adding unparalleled style, luxury to the architecture and the interiors the stone is a multi-million dollar business for India.

India’s granite has broadly been utilised in building some great remembrances over the globe – Vietnam War Memorial and Atomic Bomb Victims Memorial at Hiroshima in Japan are a couple of those landmarks. 

For a long time, it has dominated the interiors of the houses and specifically the kitchen’s countertops. India has relished the place of an international leader in exports of Granite. The country is one of the most comprehensive producers and exporters of Granite all over the world. 

According to in 2018, India was the topmost exporter for granite and had exported around $749 Million followed by Norway, Brazil and China. The twenty-five thousand granite industry claims of unparalleled granite reserves in India that are up to 4 trillion cubic metres. The prominent places where you can find the reserves of the Granite deposits are in districts of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan and Odisha.

With deposits and availability in diversified products, the commerce data shows that about 85-90% is exported internationally from the total granite. The rocks that are exported in different forms are either shipped as tiles or polished blocks (HS Code: 68022310) or marble monumental or building stone (HS Code: 6802 2120) and as carved or processed granite (HS Code: 68029300). 

In times when there are many manufacturers selling the well-demanded granite, Globalfair has come out to be a leader in granite manufacturing and exporting. The company has a manufacturing unit in Rajasthan, India and has over 15+ years of experience in manufacturing the finest quality of granite. We are dedicated to supplying our esteemed clients with the most competitive prices and committed delivery.

How to choose the right supplier for Granite from India? 

We do understand that it is not easy for a fabricator/buyer to sign a deal and get granite imported from 13,595 kilometres. So when looking for the right supplier from India, you should keep in several things. And as for granite, there are numerous parameters. 

You must have attempted to buy from different granite providers from India or some other nation to get the quality material and must have promised an on-time delivery with less hassle. But did that happen? Picking the valid granite supplier takes more time than the order & formalities. Though it is not difficult in the digital world, still you cannot judge the credibility and quality of a supplier. 

Checklist to analyze the credibility of the supplier: 

Prior to making Import from India or some other nation, you should check these things:

1. Organisation Registration: If you are suspicious about the reliability of your supplier, you can request them to share the organisation certificate. Also, the companies that are dealing in Import-Export have a supplier’s code which can also be something that you can check. These certificates guarantee you the data regarding the corporation you are choosing as your trading partner.

As for us, our team always keeps you updated on all the primary information that you need to know about our company. We believe in transparency between our customers and the organisation.

2. Port Registration: It is imperative that the Granite supplier from India should register herself/himself on the particular port of loading. Unless the company has not registered on the ports they cannot load and ship any products. 

3. State of Payment: There are various payment requirements – LC / Advance / Cash Against Documents. Please ensure that you settle the most suitable payment term fit for both Granite Supplier from India and yourself. 

We will believe in negotiating the pricing of the order and sample order before placing the order. To make it more reliable we let one of our peers review the negotiation before the order is confirmed from our side.

4. Assurance of quality on-site and in products: You can examine the information provided by your seller for the natural stone. Be assured that your supplier knows the quality profitable in your market. Otherwise choosing the incorrect stone will impact your business. 

And that is where we provide you with a service in which we will send you a sample if required to any country. We also do a routine quality analysis of product advancement.

What more we can offer you: 

Live Tracking:  Other than providing the adequate quality of Granite, we also provide you with live tracking. With our platform, you can track your complete order from the time you book till the time it is shipped. 

Assistance in the documentation: What is the most tedious job when importing a good? Of course, the documentation. Our trade assistant completely manages your documentation end-to-end, which will save time and cost on the audit and the process (simple isn’t it).

Powerful multi-user platform:  The updated platform is user-friendly and assures transparency between our buyers, suppliers, and QC, all on a single platform. It also lets you maintain the complete order history. 

Exclusive trade insights: In a fast-moving world, we provide free insight around import-export reports which are shared free of cost with our buyer network that helps them to keep themselves updated. By this, you will not only gain unique insights but will help you in fast, data-driven decision- making.

Granite is one of the most demanded stones and a valuable buy and can lead you to better profits. Want to know the types of granite we offer? Click on the link to explore more about Granite –

And if you have more questions reach out to us and we will be happy to talk to you.

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